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Below are pictures from our investigations. Click the thumbnail and it will take you to a bigger version of the picture.

Moss Bluff Cemetery

Picture 1-4 are together look at the mid left hand side just to the right of the tree and gravestone in picture 1.
Picture 2 is a daylight shot of the same area.
Picture 3 has a circle round the exact spot to look.
Picture 4 is cropped to just show the entity.
Picture 5 is another strange picture that was taken at the same cememtery.

Old Umatilla Cemetery

Picture 1 is a ecto shot, there was no one smoking and it was no where near being cold.
Picture 2 Is Ty in a trane, this trance lasted a very long time.
Picture 3 is of Ty while he was expelling look in the tree.
Picture 4 is also of Ty expelling look in the tree it's still there.
The orb was not there in other pictures we took that night around the same time.

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