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We're B.A.D.D.


B.A.D.D stands for Beyond Awareness Discernment Division.
We also go by the name H.E.L.P.
"Help Escape Lingering Phantoms"
This two part name helps those that need various kinds of assistance.

Beyond Awareness Discernment gives hope and knowledge to those who know little of the spirit realm.

Escape Lingering Phantoms gives peace and harmony to a place by relieving the problem.

Our soul purpose is to help those who think or know they have supernatural disturbances when they buy homes or businesses. Inside or outside, it doesn't matter. We not only study the phenomena but are also able to terminate the problem.

We are a small Interdimensional Research Team in Central Florida. The head of our group is a Clairvoyant Medium, Demonologist and Shaman. Our Group consists of: Mr. Ricky F. Thomson (photographer), Ms. Teresa Hendrix (genealogy) & Ms. Samantha Taylor (seerer), and Mrs. Arlene Mosier (empathic). All of who are Psychic sensitive Investigators.

Mr. Poland also has the gift of Exorcism.

So, by the use of all of our talents and gifts we are able to do much more than most in the same field.

We have dealt with the worst and won.

We have met with the familiar and gained knowledge.

Discretion Assured

Our Team

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